It seems after five years in the NBA, American media are yet to figure Steven Adams out.

Amid his preseason media day press conference – a usual mix of awkward and informative – the 25-year-old had his character called into question, with a local reporter asking if he put on a performance each time he fronted the media.

"I'm quite an awkward guy," Adams responded. "It's a weird situation, especially to ask someone how they personally act when they're up on stage. It's a different sort of thing.

"I'm just an awkward guy, let's leave it at that."


It was one of a number of topics brought up during the press conference, with topics covering such facets of the upcoming season as his new teammates and his offensive game.

He made one thing very clear: he has no intention of conforming to fit the trend of the modern day NBA big man any time soon.

As more and more centres look to be able to extend their games past the three-point line, Adams broke out as one of the league's elite in the position last season by grinding away in the post - drawing praise from legendary NBA big man Hakeem Olajuwon in the process.

Asked if he had any plans to incorporate a three-point shot into his arsenal, the big Kiwi sat almost in disbelief at the question.

"Shoot a three? No, absolutely not," Adams said. "I don't want to lose my job."

Unlike a lot of big men in the NBA today, Adams has not needed to extend his offensive game outside the paint to be effective. It will be a feature of the Thunder's centre stocks this season, with the addition of Nerlens Noel.

Noel was drafted in the same class as Adams – selected six picks before Adams at 12 – and fills a similar role. Noel is a presence big man whose physicality is his best asset.

He'll play solid backup minutes behind Adams, which will provide some much needed size to the Thunder's second unit.