Romano Fenati astonishingly tried to grab the brake of another rider at the San Marino MotoGP.

Fenati very dangerously tried to grab the front break of Stefano Manzi's bike while riding at an incredible 140mph on Sunday.

It could have caused serious problems for Manzi, but after his bike shook very briefly, the Italian managed to carry on as normal.

Following the surreal incident on the weekend, Fenati was disqualified from the series' race as he attempted to overtake his compatriot.


After the race British rider Cal Crutchlow, who finished third, called for a life ban.

"I think he should never race a motorcycle again," Crutchlow told reporters of Manzi's actions.

"He should have walked back in his garage, and his team should have just kicked him straight out the back.

"You can't do this to another motorcycle racer. We are risking our lives enough.

"Sure, maybe there was contact before, but there's contact all the time.

"To grab the brake lever on the straight, he deserves to just be kicked straight out."