What is the point? Apart from none.

I'm talking this 3rd/4th place playoff at Football's World Cup. Make that any losers playoff in any sport at any tournament. What's the point?

$$$$$$. Dingaling. Pingers. Readies. Cash. That is the ONLY reason they play it.

The broadcasters have to buy it, if they want to screen the final that is, Yes, true, and the players HAVE to play it. The only good thing about it is that we DON'T HAVE to watch it. Or talk about it. Or take any interest in it. Or waste another single second...

So let's talk about the final.


The two best teams at the World Cup will go at it Monday morning for ultimate glory. The romantic ending to the tournament says Croatia will become just the ninth nation on earth to lift the trophy…but I favour Les Bleu.

Why? Mainly because I believe they're in much better physical health right now and I think when you're looking for whatever might provide the winning edge, then this is it.

Croatia's last three matches have all gone to 30 minutes extra time, two of those penalty shootouts. In effect then they've already played a full match more than the French, plus France have also (by playing their semifinal a day earlier) had an extra day off.

After four long weeks, the stresses, strains, injuries, mental and emotional demands on the players I'm wondering whether physical conditioning might just end up being the major difference.

Le Football revient en France. Football's coming home. To France!