Penrith Panthers prop Reagan Campbell-Gillard has been eating KFC in an attempt to put on weight after breaking his jaw.

Campbell-Gillard suffered the injury in the round 15 clash against the Roosters, which ruled him out of action for eight weeks and saw the New South Wales forward miss the final two games of State of Origin.

Campbell-Gillard told media yesterday that he has lost eight kilograms since the injury and is battling to put it back on before a return to the field next month.

"Found out pretty quickly. It's hard when you're trying to force food through a syringe, there's only so much pumpkin soup you can eat. The first week was tough and then just got really tough after that. Trying to get as much energy and food into the body without losing too much weight – you don't do it on purpose it just happens," he told media.


"I've got to try and regain that within four weeks. I've got to work hard to put it back on. That last couple of days I've started doing mashed potatoes and popcorn chicken from KFC. It's all about taste," he said.

Campbell-Gillard said he had wires removed from his jaw this week and is hopeful the remaining braces will be taken out in the next four weeks when he eyes a return to the field.

The Panthers currently sit fourth on the NRL table, two points shy of leaders South Sydney and the Dragons.