Workers at the Fiat Chrysler plant in Italy have planned to go on strike after the car company decided to pay Cristiano Ronaldo's huge £100million (NZ$195m) price tag following his move from Real Madrid to Juventus.

The 33-year-old completed his sensational move to the Serie A on Wednesday which would be financed by the car makers to see that the deal would go through.

Both Juventus and Fiat are controlled by the Agnelli family through their holding company but for the USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) union, it means Fiat will be missing out on investment for it's workers.

The union also pointed out that it's workers were making 'huge economic sacrifices' and that the futures of thousands needed to be guaranteed 'rather than enriching only one'.


Fiat factory workers began to protest the decision on Thursday afternoon by plastering anti-Ronaldo posters on walls of buildings in Pomigliano, Italy.

The strike will begin on Sunday at 10pm local time and will go through until Tuesday evening at 6pm.

The USB union called for the strike at the Melfi plant (one of seven in Italy) but the impact is expected to may be limited with the union only representing a section of workers for the company.