Welcome to the Stoked Podcast - a new edition to Herald's list of outstanding audible content.

We're coming in with episode 18 of the series, but if this one tickles your fancy you can take a listen to the backlog here.

Moving right along... today is an absolute ripsnorter, just quietly.

We get stuck into the fact that football is most certainly not coming home, also that Croatia won, but again, football's not coming home - sorry.


We give the most English geezer we know (he was pretty sure footy was coming home) a call, and get a feel for the comedown resonating around the planet right now, emotional.

Obviously, we couldn't help but try and get our minds around the chaos coming out of Thailand too. A country that didn't have a team in the World Cup - but thankfully did have something very precious come home, after a few very tense weeks.

Other content contemplated includes:

Heartbreak Island's next contestant. (2:45)

Make New Zealand Great Again - The Stoked Pod's favourite segment! (10:55)

Football is not coming home - featuring a very sad but philosophical English supporter/geezer, chin up young Bradley. (19:30)

THAI BOYS CAVE RESCUE CHAT (gets heavy). (27:09)

Pod wrap & waffle clothing debate - hot or not? (34:26)

Warning: May contain some coarse language and adult themes, recommended to ages 18+