Brendon Hartley says he is "fine" but his car is "definitely not" after a spectacular crash at Silverstone in practice before the British Grand Prix.

The New Zealand F1 driver's Red Bull car suffered a front-left suspension failure, causing Hartley to crash into the track barriers at Brooklands on Saturday (Sunday NZ time).

Hartley emerged uninjured, but his car was unable to be rebuilt in time for qualifying, forcing him to back of the grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday (Monday NZ time). He will start with a fresh chassis.

"I'm fine. The car was definitely not fine," Hartley told the Formula One website after his damaged car was towed away.


"But yeah, another testament to the safety of modern Formula 1 and racetracks. Obviously I've had a few big hits this year and happy to walk away again.

"Disappointed not to make qualifying. Yesterday was a lot of data-gathering and I didn't really set any representative lap time, but the car was feeling good before the suspension failed. But yeah, disappointed not to get out there."