Sweden had a rude awakening hours before they were set to take on England in the World Cup quarter final overnight.

The country's star footballers were turfed out of bed before breakfast, after a fire alarm was activated at 8am (local time) in their five star hotel in the centre of Samara, the Daily Mail reported.

England's Harry Kane and his team were tucked up in their beds a few kilometers away, oblivious that their opponents preparations for the big match had been disrupted.

The Swedish team loiter in the lobby of the hotel. Photo / via Twitter
The Swedish team loiter in the lobby of the hotel. Photo / via Twitter

Members of the Swedish team gathered in the lobby of the Lotte hotel as alarm bells rang out, looking bleary-eyed and confused.


Unsurprisingly, one of the players was overheard saying: "We could do without this today."

England fan Terry Comitti, from Romford, Essex, who was in the hotel said: "The Swedish players looked like they had the right hump.

"They were not happy and that wouldn't be a surprise when they were supposed to be getting their beauty sleep before what is probably the biggest games of their lives.

"It might do England a favour though if they are a bit tired when they kick off on the match later."

Ironically, Sweden had been celebrating the award by FIFA of the only five star hotel in town and in a Mailonline exclusive Sweden's FA President Karl-Erik Nilsson had joked: "We are one-zero up already."

England were forced to stay in a four star hotel on the outskirts of Samara, which is next door to an Ibis hotel and has a McDonalds and a Burger King on the same busy street.

Another England fan Paul Griggs, 33, added: "I do feel a bit sorry for the Swedes. They are a nice bunch of people and have been very friendly with us.

"It shouldn't happen to them on the day of the match but I suppose the hotel couldn't take any chances if an alarm goes off.


"Thankfully nothing happened and everybody was allowed back up. But they looked a bit unhappy."

The World Cup stars have a strict programme of diet, exercise and rest built into their schedules and the night before a match are told to sleep early and get maximum hours of sleep.

Meanwhile , a nation will hold its breath as Kane and his team battle to get England to the World Cup semi =finals for the first time in 28 years since England lost to Germany through penalties.

The BBC, which is transmitting the match live, is expecting the biggest TV audience of the year. Thirty million fans are expected to tune in to watch the game.