Finding themselves on the tarmac in Italy; New Zealand's fastest eight once again found themselves in the drivers' seat live on SKY Sport from the LPL Studios within the Sky Tower on Tuesday.

Kicking off the action straight from the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (AKA Imola), now tournament favourite Jordan Pene and competitive runner up Josh Ritchie once again were seen qualifying in the top two pegs on the grid.

In a smooth beginning, the usual suspects ended up leading the pack of Ginetta G55 GT4's through the Italian raceway, as Pene once again established himself by the half way point with an unstoppable 15 second gap over his compatriots. Outside of that, the action seemed much the same for a predictable race for the first test of the night for the top 8.

Unfortunately in an attempt to catch the leader, Josh Ritchie quite literally twirled his way from a 5 second gap in 2nd position straight to the 4th. That wasn't to stop him however, as the stubborn racer found his way quickly to 3rd and began his conquest to his rightful position. In the best action the series has seen yet, Ritchie forced his way up to the leaderboard and snatched the extra 3 points off of Scott McQueen in a photo finish that saw only 0.04 seconds between the racers.


With the adrenaline pumping and everyone's hearts racing, the Italian Grand Prix (AKA Monza GP) featured a shakeup in the qualification with Ethan Moore finding himself for the first time in pole position for the nights final race. Looking to add to his tally, Jordan Pene sat just above Scott "Lightning" McQueen in the 2nd peg, with top competitor Josh Ritchie facing trouble to start in the 7th spot.

In a calamity of a pile up in the race's first corner, Northway's love tap on Ethan Moore saw the pole position shocker literally flip head over heels into the final spot. With expert pinpoint accuracy, the expected top dogs Jordan Pene and Josh Ritchie escaped the smash and rediscovered their right to claim 1st and 2nd respectively.

Refusing to accept the full consequence of what happened, Ethan Moore tackled his way back into the 4th position before the slightest of mistakes slid him back into last place.

Josh Ritchie was also challenged by hot lap pioneer Robert Northway and found himself identifying as the third racer.

With the rest of the race calming down after a dramatic start, Jordan Pene once again claimed more points as top dig as Josh Ritchie slipped into 3rd place and Robert Northway sealed the all important points from the 2nd position.

Catch more of the Project Cars 2 NZ Championship is the racers will slip and slide their way through the third night, with the British challenges at Brands Hatch and Oulton Park forecast with treacherous thunderstorms. The racers will be live once again on SKY Sport from 7:30PM next Tuesday 15th May.