Steven Adams, by his own admission, is 'really f***cking weird'.

He's made it perfectly obvious he is who he is and he's not changing for anyone - and it seems, that's exactly the way his teammates at the Oklahoma City Thunder like it.

In a recent interview with Royce Young for ESPN the OKC centre, seemed almost clueless when it was put to him that not only was he surrounded by three of the biggest names in the NBA, but that he was in fact, the fourth.

"I don't think Steven ever views himself as being better than anybody," Thunder coach Billy Donovan told ESPN.


"I think Steven views, being part of a team, that it's his job and responsibility to bring happiness to the rest of the group"

That kind of mindset seems rare in a league where athletes are treated more like celebrities. Adams remains a pillar modesty - almost verging on naivety.

"I don't look into it too much, it's just who I am," Adams told ESPN.

Quick to attribute it to a humble Kiwi upbringing, which it seems is what makes him weird to Americans.

"I think that's what makes me weird is that I am normal. As bizarre as that sounds – like in New Zealand, I'm just as normal as it gets," he told ESPN.

Frequently found without shoes, or 'barefoot' to fans and media alike, combined with a Stoney Creek camo jersey/beanie combo - there's no doubting Aotearoa is still well and truly with him.

"See, because I'm weird. I'm really weird. Socially awkward, at best. Just bizarre. [I] say weird stuff all the time."

Whether it comes off as a compliment or not, we know he means well.

The Kiwi big man is back playing with the Thunder in game four of the first-round Western-conference NBA playoff match against the Utah Jazz at 2.30pm on Tuesday (NZT).

Oklahoma, who are away to the Jazz in Game Four, currently trail Utah 2-1 in the best-of-seven games series.