You win some, you lose some and then you win, lose and win some all within 15 seconds.

An announcer had a shocker at a regional MMA event in Alaska last night - twice having to apologise for wrongly naming the winner of a fight.

The fight between David Booker and Elijah Terrell Fighting Championship 139 was a close affair. When it come to naming the winner, the announcing first stated: "For your winner...David..oh excuse me my bad...Elijah 'Young Snipes' Terrell".

Terrell went to celebrate a victory in his first ever MMA pro bout only for the victory to last less than 10 seconds.


"My bad. I called it wrong," the announcer said after the two fighters had shaken hands.

"My bad. I got the scores right, I got the winner wrong. My bad my friend. I'm sorry," he said before announcing that Terrell had indeed won.