The young woman whose backside stole the show at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was a volunteer from a community dance group.

The unfortunate wardrobe slip-up, which occurred during Ricki-Lee Coulter's beach-themed performance of her new song Technicolour Love, became the talk of the ceremony after Georgia Lear, 19, flashed her bare bottom on live TV.

Lear became an international sensation when halfway through the song the camera flashed to a group of dancers as they flung their towels over their backs, but her towel got tangled as she ran into a swarm of performers, exposing her bottom to an estimated 1.5 billion viewers.

Lear revealed she was the unwitting star of the show in an Instagram post. "Last night I was feeling really BUMMED ... BUTT that's all BEHIND me now! I hope you all had a CRACKing good time watching the ceremony. Don't forget the camera adds 5kgs ... yes it was me!!!!!"


Lear is third from left in the photograph below.