Paul Henare has spoken for the first time since stepping aside as head coach of the New Zealand Breakers, but the reasons for his departure remain purposefully cloudy.

Henare rejected a contract extension from the Breakers earlier this month, surprising many - including new ownership - with his decision to move on.

Now, he's back into coaching mode, guiding the Tall Blacks as they embark upon their Commonwealth Games campaign.

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So, now that he's back in the spotlight, will he ever divulge the real reasons he left the Breakers?

"No, probably not," laughs Henare.

"There's a bunch of reasons but I'm not going to go into it. I just made a decision and moved on, everyone's moved on and just looking forward to the Comm Games and the Tall Blacks now," he told Radio Sport.

It's easy to imagine Henare's coaching services would be in hot demand, but he claims he hasn't made any plans yet for his future.

"I don't have any right now, we'll just see what happens. Obviously it's good to have something like the Comm Games with this team to focus on, and when we get back, I'll see what happens."

The 39-year-old says he has given thought to coaching in the Australian NBL again, but his transition from playing to coaching was so rapid that having some time off to spend with his family was an important factor.

"It wasn't until I got into this last little period in the last couple of weeks and I realised how fast the last seven or eight years have gone. I want to spend some time with the whānau and base decisions on what's best for us and for them, and then make basketball decisions later.

"I've got the best job in the world coaching the Tall Blacks anyway, it's not as if I'm going off into some abyss and will never be heard from again."


The Tall Blacks kick off their Commonwealth Games campaign against Nigeria on April 6, and while he stays mum on the Breakers, Henare will be hoping his other squad can make some noise.