Nothing has changed in the way cinematographers can capture female surfers during Championship Tour events, the World Surf League confirmed.

Reports were made earlier this week that the League had asked the camera people filming its events not to zoom in on competitors surfing in bikinis.

However, World Surf League senior vice president of global brand identity Dave Prodan told the Herald that was not the case.

"The initial report, upon which the subsequent reports were based on, is largely inaccurate," Prodan said.


"The World Surf League regularly trains its staff in code of conduct and employee enhancement programs. We hold our staff, content and organisation to high standards across the board."

Prodan said the League had not implemented any new restrictions or guidelines on how photographers and videographers could shoot the athletes this season.

How they're captured on film while competing wasn't really something that the surfers thought about, Kiwi surfer and World Surf League Championship Tour athlete Paige Hareb said in relation to the reports.

"I know it's always been a bit of an issue, though, especially when some of the girls started wearing some of the skimpier ones," Hareb told the Herald.

"Obviously I want mine to be covering everything. At the end of the day it's each individual's choice."