Snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has been rewarded for ending New Zealand's 26-year Winter Olympic medal drought with flagbearing honours at the PyeongChang closing ceremony.

Sadowski-Synnott, who reached the podium in the big air event, was selected ahead of halfpipe freeskier Nico Porteous for the closing ceremony overnight.

The 16-year-olds won bronze medals within two hours of each other last week, but Sadowski-Synnott earned the honour for being the first Kiwi since alpine skier Annelise Coberger in 1992 to reach the Winter Games podium.

Porteous has taken up an offer to lead the team into the stadium, with around 25 Kiwi athletes and officials marching.


The ceremony will bring an end to a campaign which exceeded the country's expectations of at least one medal.