Bowls champion David Eades, who dropped three f-bombs in a live Sky television interview after winning the NZ Open final, revealed the truth behind his emotional blunder.

The video of the North Harbour Triples team captain's explicit post-match interview made headlines earlier this week, sparking criticism over his behaviour.

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In the interview, Eades was unable to stand still before appearing overwhelmed by the emotion of thanking his wife and son.


"F***in' heaps man. That's for my son Ben and my wife Irene, I f***in' love them to f***in' bits and I'd die for them all," he told the interviewer.

Eades confirmed with the Herald that his son, Ben Eades, had lost his life on December 7, after his car collided with another vehicle in Dairy Flat.

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Eades said he had won every game that Ben attended and that his son, who was an established bowls player himself, became his "lucky charm".

"He used to be a lucky charm, we took him to the Open about four years ago and every game he watched me play we won," he said.

"We got a photo with the presentation and in the photo was my son, who photo bombed it sitting there looking straight at the camera."

"I promised him that we'd win and I felt him with me."

25-year-old Ben Eades lost his life in a fatal car crash in December. Photo / Getty Images
25-year-old Ben Eades lost his life in a fatal car crash in December. Photo / Getty Images

"If I hadn't have made that promise to my boy I may not have went and played the final … but it wasn't about just the sport, it was about my boy."

Eades apologised for his language and said that the combination of winning the match, thanking his son, and another personal matter had sparked the emotional blunder.

"That's just how I felt and I wouldn't change it actually, wouldn't change it," he said.

"I'm so glad that I honoured my boy and got that result."

"I sent a apology to North Harbour Bowls, I sent an apology to Auckland Bowls, I sent a request to Auckland Bowls to ask the commentators on my behalf to publically announce my apology, and the people that I offended that posted on my Facebook page … I apologised to each and every one of them."

North Harbour Bowls Chairman Graham Dorreen issued a statement earlier today which read:

"Lost his son before Xmas car accident. Just been selected in North Harbour open men's team for Nationals in Christchurch. Played NZ Open final against the same three players who they were due to play in the NZ national pathway finals last year only for the Fisher Rogan Walker team to default. Eades team was crowned the winners. All in all probably a lot of emotion especially winning by one point. Two hours after this final David sent an apology by email to the bowls North Harbour board he was very embarrassed by what he said."