The most recent Tui Catch a Million winner says he will split the $50,000 cash prize with his mates.

The lucky fan, Rudi Bosman, bagged $50,000 after a sensational one-handed catch in the crowd as the Black Caps faced England in their tri-series clash at Seddon Park.

Bosman, who caught David Malan's huge six over long-on, was ecstatic when interviewed by Laura McGoldrick after the catch.

"Feeling awesome. I'm very excited," Bosman said.


"I knew if the ball was coming my way I will catch it and so it proved to be."

When asked if he had a message to his wife who was watching at home, he had one simple request: "Please don't spend all the money yet."

However, Bosman revealed the catch was a strategic team effort and he would split the $50,000 win with his friends.

"I being the tallest said I should wear it [Tui Catch a Million shirt] and then we'll just share the money, so I get a bit of it."

"It's not worth losing friends over."

Bosman said he planned to put his share of the money towards a house deposit.

The fan's catch comes after student Mitch Grimstone grabbed a low left-handed catch to win himself $50,000 in the Black Caps' last match against Australia.

The Black Caps lost to England by two runs but qualified for the tri-series final against Australia due to net run rate.

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