Norwegian Winter Olympic team chefs were dumbfounded after accidentally ordering 15,000 eggs instead of 1500.

No yolk.

Using a free translation service, the chefs attempted to order the team of 109 athletes 1500 eggs.

After arriving at their training camp chef Stale Johansen told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that his team was left stunned after they "received half a truckload of eggs".


Johansen said that there was "no end to the delivery" and that it was "absolutely unbelievable".

The chefs quickly learnt that South Korea has a complex counting system and changing just one syllable can mean the difference between 1500 and 15,000.

But egg-perienced Olympic chef Johansen - who is at his eighth Olympics - was able to return the 13,500 unwanted eggs.

"Fortunately we were able to return most of it," he told news agency NTB.

"But we were quite surprised when they came carrying the eggs.

"There was just no end to it. Incredible."

Johansen added that it can be very difficult catering for such a large group of athletes during the competition.

"The biggest challenge is that we will be serving food almost round the clock," he said.

"We have both skiers and biathlon here, so there will be food from half past seven in the morning and until almost 2am at night. I know what they like and what they don't like".