Michael Clarke found himself eating humble pie after attempting to roast fellow commentator Ian Healy.

The former Australian captain, while calling the game alongside the former test wicketkeeper's niece and Australian women's star Alyssa Healy, tried to expose an "unbelievable" habit of his co-star on live television.

Clarke jokingly said Healy brought a "selfie stick" onto the field every morning at Channel Nine's rehearsal before the game.

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"Just going back to seeing those pictures and Alyssa Healy there with the selfie stick and it's no different in our commentary box. It runs in the family," he said.

"Ian Healy brings his own selfie stick everywhere he goes and he's regularly getting photos like this of us."

But Clarke's joke was cut short as Nine producers began playing photos of the 36-year-old snapping a selfie with Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who was in the commentary box on day one.

"Yes, yes, OK, boys down in the truck thank you very much," a sheepish Clarke said as commentator Michael Slater shed some sage advice.

"(There's) a stitch-up around every corner Clarkey, you've got to be careful what you say," he said.

"I'm a youngster. I've got to learn," Clarke replied.