A bullfighter was horrifically impaled in the crotch by a bull during a fiesta tournament in Mexico, and it was all captured on video.

The matador, Luis David Adame, had just started to taunt the bull with the traditional red cape when the animal ducked and turned his horn into Adame's groin area piercing him and lifting him into the air.

The judges behind him look on in horror as he is tossed like a rag doll.

The encounter left blood spewing from Adame's groin, colouring his white pants red as he writhed in pain.


In the video, the matador is seen holding his crotch area as he limps away from the bull to safety.

His shocked colleagues carried him away from the ring to the infirmary - he was then rushed to hospital.

The excruciating attack in the Plaza Santa María de Querétaro in Queretaro took place during the first bout of the festival.

By Monday morning (NZT) he was feeling well enough to tweet to his fans thanking them for their messages of support.

He added that nothing compares to when the crowd shouts 'torero'- Spanish for bullfighter - and promises to see his fans again soon.

The Santa María Bullring is billed as "keeping alive the ancient bullfight tradition brought by the Spanish to the new continent. This cultural show has shown bullfighters from around the globe to Santa María Bullring".