Local Peruvians are upset at some of the tactics being used to upset the All Whites ahead of the qualifier.

Fireworks were let off outside the team's hotel at 3am local time last night, followed by an ear-piercing low-pass by military jets today.

Lima resident Carlos Zúñiga [CARR-loss zoo-NYEE-ga] has written on Facebook that the attitude means Peru doesn't deserve a win.

"It's one thing for four idiots to claim bullying their rival is part of the game. But for the State to do so is another story," Zúñiga wrote.


"How embarrassing."

Una cosa es que cuatro imbéciles crear que acosar al rival es “parte del juego”. Pero que el Estado lo haga es harina de otro costal. Qué vergüenza. Con este espíritu no merecemos ir al mundial, francamente.

Posted by Carlos Zúñiga on Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Paul Acevedo was upset at how the local media were portraying the events.

"Whoever said that the explosions from the fireworks wouldn't disturb the New Zealanders who were sleeping at the hotel in Lima, was wrong. This is what the country's media has been reporting about the terrible conduct of some bad fans," Acevedo wrote.

"What a shame. This is not how Peru plays!"

Quien haya dicho que el estallido de las bombardas no perturbó a los neozelandeses que dormían en el hotel de Lima, se...

Posted by Paul Acevedo on Wednesday, 15 November 2017