Conor McGregor has hit the headlines again in Mixed Martial Arts but this time for all the wrong reasons after losing his cool with an official.

The two-weight world UFC champion was in attendance at Bellator 187 in Dublin on Friday night to watch his team-mate Charlie Ward fight.

And the evening was initially a joyous one for McGregor as he saw Ward dispatch of John Redmond in the final seconds of the first round.

In pure ecstasy of what Ward had achieved, McGregor jumped into the octagon to celebrate with him.


However, referee Marc Goddard ordered McGregor, who was not a licensed cornerman for the event, immediately out of there and touched his chest - much to his annoyance.

The man known as 'Notorious' took exception to these actions and retaliated by going after Goddard and shoving him as the latter attended to Redmond - who was still on the mat.

A mini-melee ensued as others got involved to calm down the spat.

After being escorted out of the cage, McGregor promptly returned to the vicinity of the area as he acknowledge the crowd.

However, he quickly saw the red mist again as he confronted one of those who broke up his initial spat with Goddard.

The 29-year-old tried to jump into the octagon and appeared to attempt to land a punch in one of their directions.

McGregor and Goddard have previous history. Goddard is the same official who ordered McGregor to leave cageside as he cheered Artem Lobov on at UFC Gdansk.