Cricket ace Shane Warne has spent the last 18 months having relationship counselling from a former porn star.

Lianne Young, or Billie Britt as she was known in the porn industry, is helping the Australian sports legend deal with "some of his relationship issues", a report revealed.

In a statement to The Sun, Young said: "Shane has authorised me to confirm I have been working with him to assist him in dealing with some relationship issues".

"The issues we are working on do not relate to sex or addiction," she continued.


"For such a high-profile sportsman and personality to recognise he needs professional support and to obtain it is a great message to us all."

A source said that Warne speaks to Young "several times a week either in person or via Skype" in the hopes he can "get in the right head space for the future".

Young, who is originally from Bristol, left her hometown to become a porn star in Los Angeles 17 years ago.

The mother-of-two said performing in X-rated films made an enormous difference to her children's lives financially and she doesn't regret the few years she dabbled in it.

As a former probation officer, Young got her first taste of media attention when she appeared topless on The Jerry Springer Show.

Lianne Young appeared topless on The Jerry Springer Show in the US. Photo / Facebook
Lianne Young appeared topless on The Jerry Springer Show in the US. Photo / Facebook

Now living in Perth, Australia, the 43-year-old regularly appears as the resident "sexpert" on shows like Trisha and The Jeremy Kyle Show.

In comparison, Warne has been in-and-out of the spotlight for his relationship triumphs and mishaps for years.

He was married to Simone Callaghan for ten years, engaged to British model Elizabeth Hurley, endured several cheating scandals and lots of flirting with glamour models across Twitter.

It's not clear whether his second autobiography will describe any of his new relationship endeavours.