The rules being announced today for the 36th America's Cup are expected to create a level playing field.

Team New Zealand will be making the protocols public today, including a return to monohulls.

The rules about nationality are also expected to be tightened up.

Sailing Anarchy website senior editor Alan Block told Newstalk ZB's Tim Dower the goal of the new rules is to create a fair competition.


"After the last eight years of craziness and court cases and shenanigans and things that were ethically questionable and bad decision making."

He said in Bermuda, organisers did their best to make sure Team New Zealand had a hard time and lots of obstacles.

However, Block said this last cup in Bermuda was very expensive for the top teams.

"The first key is to bring the toss down for these campaigns enough, that you can have two or three teams from some of these countries, rather than just one team that's scraping together the money."