Iconic wrestler Ric Flair claims to have slept with as many as 10,000 women in a new documentary to be aired in November.

But the 68-year-old WWE Hall of Famer and multiple world champion says he's not proud of his "exploits" and wishes he'd never revealed the number.

According to The Sun, Flair - who famously referred to his penis as "Space Mountain" while asking women if they "wanted a ride" - insists the number is accurate, but expressed regrets about disclosing it on ESPN's 30 for 30.

Flair is widely regarded as the best professional wrestler of all time and has appeared in a number of hit TV series and movies. He's been married (and divorced) four times but insists he's changed his ways since meeting wife Wendy Barlow and is now "a one-woman guy".


"What I said was the truth, but I feel bad now that I said some of it," Flair told People.

"Ten thousand women. I wish I hadn't said that because of my grandkids."

The grappler, who survived a plane crash and a lightning strike in the 1970s, has made a number of controversial claims through the years - none more so than when he told a radio show in 2016 that he had sex with Hollywood star Halle Berry.

Flair was rushed to hospital last month for emergency surgery to remove an obstructive piece of his bowel, which led to kidney failure.

He informed fans of his improved health shortly after being discharged, by posting a snapchat of himself with the message: "I ain't dead yet motherf***ers".

Flair has since vowed to stop drinking, telling People "It [his hospitalisation] scared the sh** out of me. I never want to go through this again.

"My daughter [Charlotte] told me that the doctor told her to go see me - that I wasn't going to make it. I had no idea it was that bad. Wendy never told me.

"I didn't think I was an alcoholic, but obviously I was," Flair said.

He recalled first started drinking as a way to "bond" with other wrestlers in the 1970s and regularly turning to booze to overcome injuries during his career.

"I'll never drink again. Anything I've been through before is nothing like this."