For those who scoff at people who say, "The rules of golf are there to help you," here's an odd situation that might change your mind. At least, a little bit.

Check out what happened on Sunday to Matthew Southgate, who was closing in on earning his PGA Tour card for the first time in the Tour Finals.

Southgate faced a short birdie putt on the 15th hole of the final round of the DAP Championship when this gust from the gods got him:

But that was far from the worst of it. Southgate tapped in his short putt but that, as it turned out, was a huge error.


You see, according to Rule 19-1, the contact from the leaf should have meant Southgate replayed his putt from the original position.

He didn't, and so incurred a two-shot penalty for playing from an improper position - and then another two for signing an incorrect scorecard.

Once Southgate's fellow pros got wind of what had happened, it's safe to say they were pretty bemused at the decision.

Southgate, though, called the decision a 'massive chin up' as he went on to post a nine-over-par 79 and finish way down in T64.