Family honour, personal pride, a sense of history: Hughie Fury is hardly lacking in motivation as he heads into this morning's heavyweight world title showdown with New Zealander Joseph Parker.

The Furys have shocked the world once, with Tyson's victory over Wladimir Klitschko, and now they believe it can be done again, as Hughie - Tyson's cousin - seeks to claim back the World Boxing Organisation title which was relinquished by Fury after a self-imposed exile from the sport.

At 23, Hughie is six years younger than Tyson, and much quieter, yet there are obvious similarities. Both hail from the traveller community, both are hulking figures - Hughie is 2m, to Tyson's 2.1m - and both are natural-born fighters.

"In our world this is what we were born to do - fight," Hughie told the Daily Telegraph. "It's our destiny to do great things and I believe it's my time to shine."


A spartan training camp in Lake Windermere has been home for Fury, who has 20 victories from 20 fights, ahead of his meeting with Parker in Manchester.

A gruelling regime designed by his father and trainer, Peter, has left nothing to chance.

"There's a saying: 'train hard, fight easy'. It was hard work. My body was killing and it definitely wasn't easy," Fury said. "It's 100 per cent the toughest camp I've ever had. I trained three or four times a day, it was non-stop.

"It was eat, sleep, train, repeat. Hill running, sparring, log chopping, water sports, everything. Even the water sports wasn't easy. My dad had me swimming in the lake for about an hour, over arm. Then we broke it up with paddleboarding. None of it was easy.

"It wasn't about a comfort zone. It was about bringing it back to an inner savagery, if you like.

"A fighting man doesn't need luxuries and a lovely bed to sleep in. It was hardcore, replicating warfare in a ring. Why go in a heated pool? Get in a 200m lake and swim for 50 minutes. If you don't swim you sink.

"Do the mountain runs. Not on a daft treadmill. People may not see a difference there but there's a massive difference. If a man can't dedicate and find his soul within the environ-ment of the Lake District and get that steel and grit attitude, he'll never get it."

Fury Sr knows. It was he who drove Tyson through his greatest fitness and masterminded the game plan which saw the world titles taken from Klitschko in November 2015, for the first time in nine-and-a-half years.

"I have to say with Tyson it was one of the proudest moments of my life," said Fury Sr.

"We worked so hard for it, and I'll never forget that moment."

That sentiment is echoed by the younger Fury who believes it was "one of our family's greatest moments".

"To see my cousin achieve that goal was unbelievable," he said.

"There was no greater moment. My family started crying, it was that much of a spectacular moment for us all. Now I want to achieve that goal. I know I've put in the hard work and dedication. It all comes back to the family as well. We all want to achieve great things for the family name."

His father interjected. "Now it's Hughie's chance," he said. "Tyson and Hughie have this ability in their bloodlines. The belief is exactly the same. And he's got his opportunity. This is a huge fight for Hughie. Anything can happen. Hughie's a boxer and Joe Parker is going to come looking for him. But I've been preparing Hughie for war here.

"These guys are evenly matched. They are young, fresh and hungry for success. This is going to be one hell of a fight. I see this as an interesting crossroads fight for both fighters to see exactly what they are all about. Parker is going to bring the best out of Hughie and Hughie is definitely going to bring the best out of Parker.

"I will be very very proud of him if he wins the title," said Peter as he looked ahead to the possibility of glory again. "It will mean the world. There are no words. We'd have two cousins win world heavyweight belts for the family. It would be fantastic. We're coming for that belt on a mission, and there's nobody more dedicated to that cause."

Hughie said he was deeply focused on the task ahead. "You're going to see a big upset. People have not really seen me in a proper fight yet. You're going to see something spectacular. He's powerful, a big lump. He's a dangerous lad. But if I stay switched on, I'll defeat him."