The Aaron Smith sex scandal has again erupted, this time on the eve of the Bledisloe Cup test against the Wallabies.

The Daily Mail Australia last night published a series of messages it claimed were sent between Smith and the woman.

The Daily Mail Australia today said that, after publishing the story, they had been barrded by the All Blacks from coming to today's press conference in Sydney ahead of this weekend's opening Bledisloe Cup test.

Smith was caught apparently having sex in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport last year as the New Zealand side prepared to depart for South Africa.


At the time, Smith downplayed the incident, saying it was a one-off, but apparent Facebook messages have been published that appear to show there is more to the story - and suggest that officials weren't given the whole truth.

NZ Rugby and Smith's manager have been contacted for comment.

The woman involved in the incident has also spoken about the incident. In an interview scheduled to air on TVNZ's Seven Sharp tonight, the woman will reportedly explain why she's taken legal action over alleged defamation.

"The way they had portrayed me was being as an absolute 'ho', a woman that had targeted this guy at the airport and forced myself on him and I'd acted in such a way that they didn't even want their players around me anymore," she said in a clip aired by 1News this morning.

Smith was suspended when the affair came to light, being sent home from South Africa after issuing a tearful apology.

The halfback was this morning named as at a starter against the Wallabies in Sydney on Saturday, the same city in which a bug was found at the All Blacks' hotel before a clash last year.

The purported Facebook messages are between the All Black number nine and the woman, whose identity has not yet been revealed, before the airport incident, reports.

"This was not some quick hook up," the woman said.

"I had been seeing Aaron on and off for years before he met his current girlfriend," the woman reportedly told the Daily Mail.

In the apparent Facebook messages published by the Daily Mail from an account alleged to be Smith's, the woman is propositioned for sex, to which the reply was "lol, umm don't u have a girlfriend."

The alleged messages suggest the halfback failed to reveal the full story to All Black officials about what really happened in the airport toilet incident.

"What I have said is u message me, to come for a chat. I came for a chat, nothing happened in there. I said I got all flustered and left OK. But if anyone ask you something, please say that. Only my coach been hit up ... I'm hoping nothing goes to media OK. Please stick with this, I'm hoping u won't get brought up OK," Smith is alleged to have sent.

"Stop freaking out for now OK ... So our story is ... What you said Hun ... u were going thru a tough time ... with ur bf ... And wanted to have a chat. That is all OK ...
Delete these message," he is alleged to have sent.

In another message purported to be from Smith, the woman is asked to sign a legal document to verify his fabricated version of events regarding the airport tryst.

"When we got caught he lied about what had happened and asked me to stick to the story he had told his new girlfriend and coach, which essentially put the blame on me," the woman told the Daily Mail.

"He just told me if anyone asks to say nothing, but if I have to then to just go along with that story, which I wasn't happy about because it made me look like more easily attainable than what I am.

"At that point I said if you're going to say that then just leave me out of it, which he promised he had done, but he hasn't. No-one knows the truth."

A message purported to be sent by Smith says: "OK are you will to do a sawn afterdavided (sic) to say we didn't have sex in there ...?? Cause they claim there a video and can hear noise but u weren't loud at all ... So if u swar that we didn't have sex then nothing may come out in media and will save me heaps Hun.

"My coach say if u do a afterdavid think the media will go away and won't come up!!!!
OK ...

"I did say we kissed and u gave me h***, just to my coach but no sex OK ...!"

A message claimed to be sent by Smith also allegedly outlines what he will say to the media in the press conference and the punishment (one match ban) that will follow. The message as published by the Daily Mail relays that New Zealand Rugby will release a statement on the matter, and for her not to make comment.

WOMAN: "If no one knows my name, no one will call me."

But the alleged plan came unstuck after a third party revealed a photo of Smith and the woman to the media, confirming the two had history prior to the airport hook-up, that they tried to pass off as their only interaction.

This is where the relationship changes, where the woman declared her anger at being "that girl".

WOMAN: "I feel so bad I want to cry. You must think I'm such a hoe, but I swear it's not like that. It's different because it was you and because I didn't know you had an actual girlfriend I thought you were just seeing someone."

The woman allegedly decided to come forward and tell her side of the story, saying the fallout had taken its toll, while Smith has seemingly been able to continue with his life.

"It's just really frustrating," the woman said. "At the time I was hounded by the media, and on social media everyone was commenting calling me a whore and this and that ... it appeared like I was something I wasn't.

"Without anyone knowing who I was or what had happened, I was called a whore, a home-wrecker and a dumb b**** online, while at the same time the New Zealand public showed support for [Smith], telling him he is still their hero."

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