The boss of Billericay Town FC has sacked his club's cheerleaders because their presence was causing the players to become "unfocused".

Millionaire steel magnate Glenn Tamplin announced the girls' departure with a tweet, according to Daily Mail.

He wrote: "We have had to let the cheerleaders go as the lads were becoming unfocused and some of the girls (not all) sending their numbers to them."

But the leader of the troupe, Bekka Batchelor, told The Sun it was a "shame" they'd been chucked after just a month because now they have "no one to cheer for".


She added: "Obviously we're disappointed the cheerleading isn't going ahead but we're still great friends with Billericay Town - there's no bad feeling at all."

The semi-professional club - which is partly owned by reality TV star Mark Wright - is battling for promotion from the Isthmian League Premier Division after Tamplin pumped Β£2million ($3.5 million) into its coffers.

The Ricay have signed former Premier League stars Jermaine Pennant, Paul Konchesky and Jamie O'Hara to make their ambitions of reaching the Football League a reality.


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But as part of those ambitions, the loyal cheerleaders had to be thrown overboard just a week before the team's first game.

A source told The Sun that Tamplin believed the dancing women did not with his "family club image".

The source added: "He was also wary that he runs girls and women's football teams and wanted to project the right image."

But it was only when the tycoon - thought to be worth Β£45million ($79.5 million) - learned that one of the girls had given one of his players her number that he became worried about the future.

Apparently, after the players saw the cheerleaders for the first time, there was a follow-up interaction on social media.

One of the players then gave his phone number to a cheerleader, afterwards informing Tamplin of the development.

And at that point, the devoted Christian boss decided to call time on the affair.

The colourful Tamplin was convicted in June of fly-tipping after dumping 6,000 tons of waste with a firm linked to a crime boss.

The 45-year-old, Manns Waste Management and Ricky Mann (Director of Manns Waste Management) were fined more than Β£100,000 ($176,000) after depositing the waste at Tamplin's home in Essex in early 2014.