The All Blacks may have just found the perfect player to help them win the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

A video of a head-bunting sheep uploaded to YouTube three years ago by Rotorua's Tuscany MacDonald is going viral.

In the clip Tuscany's mum Maree MacDonald lobs a rugby ball to Bruce the sheep who returns the ball to Mrs MacDonald using his head.

Tuscany said the family discovered Bruce's ball skills when they were throwing a ball about for their dog.


"We watched Bruce chase the ball and bunt it with his head so decided to throw it to him to see what he would do. The result is what's in the clip."

When posting it on You Tube, Tuscany said she used the words "rugby-playing sheep" but says she is unsure who has recently discovered the clip and incorporated All Blacks into the mix.

Bruce has been described as the All Blacks' new full baaaaaa-ck and, in another story, says he has a dream to play for the All Blacks one day.

"I can't believe the attention it's getting. It's made the New Zealand Herald and Daily Mail websites and I've had a message from BBC News in Singapore," she laughed.

And even though filmed three years ago, Bruce is still very much alive and destined to be for some time.

"He was a pet day lamb so is more of a family pet than anything. He definitely won't be ending up on the dinner table."

Kiwis have already labelled him as the future of NZ Rugby.

"He's better than most Wallabies players, no doubt," wrote one amused viewer on Facebook.