As a generation of Kiwis prepares to burn its Oklahoma City Thunder singlets in protest, American sports correspondent Dan Dibley suggests you hold up for now.

News that our own Steven Adams may become part of a trade with the New York Knicks in return for NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony has rocked New Zealand sports fans.

Please say it ain't so!

Well, Dibley has told Radio Sport Breakfast that it probably ain't so ... which is good enough for us.


The Anthony rumour is just the latest in a crazy free-agency period, with reports linking Adams with negotiations that would add the small forward an OKC roster already boasting newly crowned MVP Russell Westbrook and newly acquired Paul George.

The big risk for Oklahoma City is that Westbrook, George and Anthony would have only one year left on their current contracts, and all three could leave after next season.

But, if it happens, Dibley insists it would make more sense for the Thunder to trade back-up centre Enes Kanter to the Knicks.

After four years on the NBA stage, Adams has developed into a formidable defensive presence on a team that currently relies heavily on Westbrook's offensive prowess.

"I don't think it would be Steven Adams going the other way in this deal," Dibley told RSB. "You would want to have Steven Adams on your team if you brought in a defensively suspect Carmelo Anthony."

Even if it was Kanter, though, the trade would break up one of the NBA's great bro-mances. Adams and his Turkish sidekick are known as the "Stache Bros" and have become cult favourites with Thunder fans.