The America's Cup has become known as much for the off-water antics as it has for the on-water action. The event's history is one rich with diplomatic squabbling, jealously guarded secrets, deceit, mind games and out-and-out feuds between sailors. The 35th America's Cup has thus far been no different. To assess the level of unrest in Bermuda, the Herald have come up with a highly scientific measurement - behold the niggle-o-meter.

With his team in trouble on the water, Jimmy Spithill has noticeably toned down his press conference antics since the America's Cup match got underway.

It seems he is less forgiving about his team's own errors than he is Team New Zealand's.

But Spithill won respect for his openness and candour about Oracle Team USA's struggles over the first two days of the series, admitting his team need to make changes - and fast - if they are to keep hold of the America's Cup.

"I think it's pretty obvious these guys are faster and we need to make some serious changes," he said afterwards.


"What's in our favour is, we haven't just got one lay-day, we've got five days until next weekend. We've got a lot of resource up here at the moment and we'll be looking at everything."

Ooohh he had to mention the lay-day.