Team New Zealand won both races on the opening day of the America's Cup and their dominance over Oracle was reflected in the statistics.

Peter Burling's crew enjoyed a steady advantage in all three departments, winning the starts and showing greater speed both downwind and upwind.

The most important stat - and the one that will provide Team New Zealand with the most encouragement ahead of the next races - showed the Kiwis holding a handy advantage in average speed across both races, by 1.12 knots in race one and 1.89 knots in race two.

Race one (NZ won by 30s)
Upwind speed: NZ 20.98 knots, US 18.54kn
Downwind speed: NZ 24.13kn, US 24.78kn
Average speed: 22.61kn, US 21.49kn
Maximum speed: NZ 32.21kn, US 31.61kn
Distance sailed: NZ 14,627m, US 14,245m
Tacks: NZ 7, US 6
Gybes: NZ 7, US 8


Race two (NZ won by 1m 28s)
Upwind speed: NZ 20.30 kn, US 20.03kn
Downwind speed: NZ 26.69kn, US 22.50kn
Average speed: NZ 23.21kn, US 21.32kn
Maximum speed: NZ 32.77kn, US 30.15kn
Distance sailed: NZ 15,452m, US 15,160m
Tacks: NZ 10, US 8
Gybes: NZ 6, US 8