NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers and Hollywood actor Olivia Munn stunned the sporting world with their sudden split last month - and it didn't take long for the 33-year-old to find a new girl.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback reportedly ended his three-year relationship with the X-Men star after a run of controversies.

The split came barely two months after engagement rumours surrounded the pair when Munn was spotted with a considerable diamond ring on her left hand.

But after a source close to the family confirmed Munn was "devastated" at the breakup, it appears the union was doomed from the start.


The pair's relationship consistently created headlines, often because of a public family feud.

The red-hot tension in the Rodgers family was revealed when brother Jordan appeared on The Bachelorette and told the world his older brother was estranged from the family.

Rodgers' family reportedly told the quarterback they mistrusted 36-year-old Munn, supposedly leading to a heated falling-out between the men in the family.

"The big issue is that Olivia doesn't get along with his family. They think she's controlling," a source told US Weekly.

"When he got together with Olivia Munn, his family told him they didn't trust her and thought she wasn't with him for the right reasons. That made him furious, and he ended up choosing Olivia over his family."

It didn't take long for Rodgers to be seen with a new beauty after the public split. Mere weeks after his breakup with Munn, the Green Bay star was spotted with former swimsuit model and Baywatch actor Kelly Rohrbach at a golf event in Los Angeles.

Munn [36] was reportedly fuming with her ex seeing Rohrback, 27, so soon after their messy split.

"Olivia is furious after seeing Aaron out with Kelly," an insider told

"Aaron made it seem like he was in no rush to date anyone else when they split. It was more about the issues they were having - the fighting and him needing space. Now she's wondering if Aaron wasn't being completely honest with her and had his eye on Kelly while they were together."

Sources close to the feud revealed Rodgers had met Rohrback earlier in the year while still with Munn.

"They had met a couple times before that at different golf events, but sparks were flying high when they spent time together at this year's tournament," the anonymous source revealed.

"Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she's a really cool girl who is also a good athlete. She's a great match for Aaron which terrifies Olivia. She could see Aaron getting serious with Kelly very quickly and that's really hard to deal with."

The first order of business for Rohrback will be to make a good impression on Rodgers' family.

It was confirmed the two "remained close friends" after the split, but after this bombshell we can't see how much longer that will last.