A football steward in England has been dismissed after footage emerged of him trying to trip up fans racing on to the pitch to celebrate their side's promotion.

The video shot from the stands shows the moment ecstatic Portsmouth supporters stormed the pitch after their 3-1 victory over Notts County in League Two.

More than 4,000 jubilant fans travelled to the Midlands to celebrate the former Premier League side's result, which saw them finally return to League One.

At the full-time whistle, hundreds swarmed on to the pitch at Meadow Lane on Easter Monday to join players, as stewards struggled to contain them.


However, one steward in a high-visibility coat stuck out a leg as fans ran by him after others let the south coast side's fans on to the playing area to celebrate with players.

A week later, footage was uploaded on social media by a Notts County fan who can be heard shouting "leave them alone" as the steward kicks out at fans running on to the pitch at full speed.

A Portsmouth fan who noticed the video online said: 'It might have been done in the heat of the moment, but he clearly gave fans no warning of what he was going to do.

"One moment they were running at full tilt, the next a leg had been kicked out to trip them as they hurtled by.

"They shouldn't actually have been on the pitch, but it was a spontaneous and joyous show of excitement by supporters and for a steward to do something so dangerous was completely disproportionate."

It is a criminal offence for any fan to be on the pitch at a football ground without good reason.

However, the victory marked a change in fortune for Portsmouth, who were relegated three times in quick succession after financial problems saw them tumble from the Premier League in 2010 to the fourth tier in 2013.

Another fan of the south coast club said on an online message board: "That's disgraceful. Once there are more than a few hundred on the pitch they shouldn't act like that.

"It could have caused some serious injury when they are randomly kicking the fans to trip them up."

The steward who appeared to trip jubilant Portsmouth fans as they surged on to the pitch has been dismissed for 'improper conduct'.

A spokesman for Notts County said: 'He has been dismissed by the third-party organisation he worked for.

"They have reviewed the case and dismissed him for improper conduct, following assistance from the club in providing the footage."