Black Caps cricketer Doug Bracewell says he "stuffed up" after admitting to drink driving at more than three times the legal limit.

The 26-year-old was facing two charges in the Hastings District Court, including drink-driving and careless driving, after he was pulled over on March 18.

The careless driving charge was withdrawn at today's appearance.

Interim name suppression, granted after his first appearance four weeks ago, was also lifted.


Bracewell was pulled over on Clifton Rd, Haumoana, near where he lives, and found to have a breath-alcohol limit of 783mcg. The legal limit is 250mcg.

After today's appearance, Bracewell said through a statement he had made an "extremely bad call" to drive from a function after a "personal and urgent issue arose at home".

"I should have made a better call as to how to get home, and didn't. I was just worried and drove. I accept that mistake.

"This was no-one's fault but my own; I take full responsibility, and I'm deeply embarrassed to have let down so many people - be they family, friends, or cricket lovers."

The cricketer accepted he must be held accountable for his error of judgment.

Bracewell will be sentenced next month under the provisions for offenders who have two or more previous drink-drive convictions.

The maximum penalty for the charge is two years in prison, or a $6000 fine.

In a statement, New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said he was disappointed in Bracewell's actions.

"Driving responsibly and considerately is a key part of creating safer communities, and, as Doug has said himself, he should have known better," White said.

"As an organisation, we're committed to promoting safe and responsible behaviours on our roads and take a very dim view of drink-driving."

White said he was unable to discuss whether NZC would seek to impose its own penalty on Bracewell, as the judicial process had not been completed.

"As such it would it be premature to comment on that particular matter."

"Doug needs to be accountable for his actions," New Zealand Cricket Players' Association boss Heath Mills said.

"It's good to see him put his hand up to say as much. We now need to wait for the court process to be completed to see where we go from here."