Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill has been flung overboard in the latest America's Cup training drama in Bermuda.

The two-time America's Cup winning skipper was the latest to fall victim of the violent G-forces the sailors contend with on the flying 50-foot catamarans, as he was "slingshotted" off the back of the boat while he was transferring from one hull to the other.

Spithill was unharmed in the incident and was quickly retrieved from the water by the team's chase boat.

When later interviewed on the dock, the 37-year-old Australia was able to see the funny side of his dramatic tumble.


"I got slingshotted off the back," Spithill said.

"I had a split decision to make ... can I stop myself? I made the decision that I could not stop myself."

Spithill felt that he had at least exited the boat in style.

"I gave it a big leap. I had plenty of pace thanks to Kyle Langford giving me a hard turn."

It is understood Team New Zealand were out on the water on watching some of Oracle's training session. The Kiwi syndicate are expected to go for their first sail in Bermuda on Sunday.