Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has drawn a torrent of criticism from US TV sports show Undisputed.

The show joined by NBA analyst Chris Broussard singled out Adams after his team the Oklahoma City Thunder were beaten by the Houston Rockets 118-87 in Game 1 of the the Western Conference playoffs.

In answer to a question whether OKC star and point guard Russell Westbrook was to blame for the loss, one panel member said Adams "went back to New Zealand" after he got his $100m contract extension in October.

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Posted by The Huddle on Monday, 17 April 2017

"They haven't seen him since he signed that contract.


"He should be ashamed of himself. He is 7ft tall and 270lbs and he let Russell Westbrook out rebound him. That's unacceptable. The whole year he did and last night he did again - 11 to 5."

The panel members agreed Adams should thank Westbrook and Kevin Durrant for his contract.

"People were acting like he was about to be some All Star, some great player because of last year, no, he had two of the top five players in the world with him who draw all the attention. He is a solid role player."

Another panel member said Adams played hard last year. "He cared and he was an agitator and a villain."

Another said he had not been the same since Dramond Green "kicked him", a reference to when Green stuck Adams in the groin last season.

"I don't even recognise him any more. $100m has a lot to do with that, he's resting on his laurels now, he is a different guy."