Kiwi racer Nick Cassidy is daring to dream about winning two vastly different motorsport categories this season and made the best possible start last weekend.

The 22-year-old former Toyota Racing Series star won the opening round of the Japan Super GT Championship in Okayama.

Cassidy powered his Tom's Lexus LC 500, along with co-driver Ryo Hirakawa, to the chequered flag but will swap a GT car for a single-seater again next weekend in the Super Formula category also in Japan.

"It was a huge weekend for me," Cassidy said yesterday. "Coming into this year -- it is my second year in the championship and second year as a professional driver -- so there is a little more expectation and pressure.


"To deliver and get the win straight up is a big box ticked and a great feeling."

After taking a few races to find his feet Cassidy ended up fifth in last year's championship but is aiming to be on top at the end of the year.

"It leads back to last year and I was really happy with my performances at the end of last year," Cassidy said.

"Going into testing over winter I feel like I had made a step forward in myself and then coming into year two I know a lot more about what to expect.

"All of that means our goal is to win the championship. If it wasn't there would be something wrong with our goals.

"It won't be easy at all and it is definitely not a sure thing that it is going to happen," he said.

"Even though we have won the first race I'm sure it is definitely a long road ahead for the championship still."

While most New Zealanders aren't overly familiar with the Super GT Championship it is a big deal in Asia.

"It is massive," Cassidy explained. "In terms of Asia and Japan it is the highest championship there is. There are 30 professional drivers who have all won Formula 3 championships, or won Le Mans 24 Hour or guys that have been in Formula One in recent years so the level is incredibly high.

"It is a war between the three biggest Japanese manufacturers so to be part of that is pretty cool but it makes the job a bit harder as well."

The two-time Toyota Racing Series champion said the single-seater championship he is contesting in Japan is one of the most recognised championships in the world.

"Alongside that I am doing Super Formula, which is the top Formula category and the cool thing about it is that outside of Formula One the Super Formula cars are the fastest single-seater cars in the world.

"So the technology in the cars and pure speed is amazing.

"To be racing in the two fastest championships is pretty cool."