A Port Adelaide AFL fan has unleashed a stream of abuse at rival Adelaide Crows fans and players, which included a barrage of racist slurs directed at star Eddie Betts.

Maxine Spratt, 31, posted the tirade on Facebook after she reacted badly to her side losing to their bitter rivals on Saturday night., according to the Daily Mail.

Her Facebook post branded Betts an 'ape' and said he should "change his name to George and go back to the zoo".

The online rant also went on to say the AFL star should be given "a huge banana to stick up his a**."


The 31-year-old has since denied her rant was racist, telling 7 News she was part Indigenous and did not find it offensive.

"Not all do. Some do, some don't. I've got part Aboriginal in me and I don't find that racist," she said.

She also suggested all Crows fans "need a bucket of cow sh** tipped on them".
Ms Pratt's Facebook account was since deleted by Facebook itself.

But because she isn't a Port Adelaide member, the club are unable to ban her from attending games.

The online activity was quickly shared to more than 100,000 people and the backlash to the comments followed as she was targeted by angry supporters.

"Why make it racial and personal, I just don't understand how some people think this is ok," one Facebook user commented.

"I read the above with utter disbelief, what evil words," another post read.

Following the reaction to her comments, the 31-year-old told 7 News she feared for her safety.

"There's been a few people that want to smash my face in and beat me and my partner up,' she said.

When questioned by 7 News whether she thought calling someone an ape was racist, she replied 'no because I'm part Aboriginal myself."

She did offer an apology for some of the comments she made, however the mother stood by her decision to label Betts an ape.

Her partner says she can't be to blame for her comments as it's not her fault "she doesn't like these players."

"Well I just didn't like the players, just don't like them full stop, never have liked them, never will like them," she told 7 News.

Port Adelaide released a statement on Monday night saying it took the situation "very seriously".

Her partner has stood by her comments, suggesting it's not her fault she 'doesn't like these players'. Photo / 7 News
Her partner has stood by her comments, suggesting it's not her fault she 'doesn't like these players'. Photo / 7 News

"The Port Adelaide Football Club is aware of media reports alleging a Port Adelaide supporter racially abused Adelaide Crows player Eddie Betts during Saturday night's Showdown at Adelaide Oval," it said.

"The club takes the allegations very seriously and is investigating the claims with Adelaide Oval Stadium Management.

"If a club Member has been found to breach Port Adelaide's spectator code of conduct the offender's membership can be revoked indefinitely."

Ms Spratt's online post comes after the Saturday night fixture was marred by violence after the final whistle.

A brawl broke out between a section of Port Adelaide fans, who were clearly enraged by their painful defeat to cross city rivals Adelaide Crows.

It's also not the first time Eddie Betts has been at the centre of a race storm after a banana was thrown at him during a match in August of last year.

A young female fan was seen launching the fruit at the AFL star, who later received a $543 fine for disorderly behaviour and was banned from games by the club.