The battle was supposed to be on the ground but it was people in the stands that came to blows after an ugly brawl at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night.

Video captured at the AFL clash between Crows versus Port game shows supporters coming to blows just moments after the final siren following the Crows' win.

It was just one of several violent incidents among the record breaking crowd.

Fans grabbed each other, punched, kicked, verbally abused and dragged one another to the floor in the incident on the Adelaide Oval hill.


A Port Adelaide spokesman told The Advertiser the club was awaiting a formal report before deciding if it would take action.

At one point in the video, filmed by Brandon Williss and posted to Facebook, a man can be seen yanking the shirt of a fan throwing him to the floor. Another shot sees a man in a Crows jumper shove another fan into a group of people while a woman nearby tries to prise apart two warring supporters.

Witness Aaron Tinsley, of Seaford Rise, told The Advertiser the brawl started as a squabble between Power and Crows fans before some Port supporters began spitting at spectators and beers were thrown.

"It was a bit of a shock and there were kids around as well so it wasn't a nice situation," he said. "They were a little bit frightened by it."

Channel 9 also aired footage of another incident, when security steeped in to break up two angry groups of fans in the stands during the game.

The stadium management and club seemed oblivious to the melee declaring the derby was generally a good natured affair with record numbers attending.

In a stadium, the Stadium Management Authority said, "Overall crowd behaviour was good - very much in line with other Showdowns."

South Australia Police said they were aware of the fight.
Stadium staff ejected the brawling supporters from the stadium.