Many football fields have been affected by wonky line markings but the Dunedin City Council is determined to get the issue sorted out before this Saturday.

A premiership match between two local football sides was called off on Saturday after the referee ruled the goal line at the ground did not line up with the posts and the goal line at the beach end of the field was not straight.

Other linings at other grounds across the city were also said to be short of the expected standard.

Another pitch marked out could not be used as an alternative to the canned premiership match as the lines on the ground were too light.


No other games were called off despite the issues.

The fact the cricket season only ended on March 25 - the week before - did not help matters as boundary lines were still visible at many grounds.

Dunedin City Council acting parks operations manager Gareth Jones said it was a new season and the council was working with its contractors to get it right.

He said there had been a couple of reports which had come in from Football South and he said the ground markings were not in line with the council's expectations.

The council was addressing that with its contractor, City Care.

City Care had worked with the council since last year and Jones said it was a case of making it aware of the council's expectations.

He said the council had processes in place to make sure the grounds were correctly marked.

Although he had never done the job himself, there was some level of skill needed to do it, he said.

At the end of the day, the council wanted the lines to be in the correct place so everyone could get on and play games this Saturday. He was confident this would happen.

A full round of premiership games is scheduled for Saturday along with other men's grades. Junior football is also starting up in some grades.