All kinds of hilarious signs are spotted at sporting events these days, but this father went viral with his pointed message to his son.

The dad, known only as Tommy, had a sign printed with the statement "Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here", which he prominently displayed at an NBA game between the Charlotte Hornets and Cleveland Cavailers.

Photographs of the banner were circulated on the internet and drew some criticism of the style of parenting.

He also defended his actions in an interview with Inside Edition, indicating the signs had achieved the desired effect.


"My signs were dedicated to an audience of one - just my son," Tommy told Inside Edition. "I wanted to give the attention to one person ...

"Normally, we will go to sporting events together. Due to his lack of effort in Mandarin and a couple of other courses, he couldn't go.

"So, since he couldn't come, I wanted it to be a message from the game."

The signs also caught the attention of the Hornets, who, through mascot Huge the Hornet, have offered to help Thomas in order to get him to the next game.