Enjoy the Lydia Ko career while it lasts, because the world number one has reiterated she will retire prematurely at 30.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the 19-year-old Ko said: "I want to retire when I'm still playing well, not because I can't compete anymore, and 30 is better than 29. This is my fourth year on tour, (which would mean I'll have been) playing 15 years. That's enough."

In the sponsored feature, the Auckland golfing prodigy talked about how she relaxes, dealing with her number one ranking, and her childhood.

"I was always around people much older than me," says Ko, who has always appeared mature beyond her years.


She loves being a role mode for women and aspiring LPGA golfers, and revealed her ability to switch off and have fun between shots, and during the off-season.

Ko appears set on retiring at 30, and revealed her plans to be a psychologist three years ago. In 2015, she started studying for a degree at Korea University in Seoul.

At the time, Ko said: "I say my plan is to retire when I'm 30 so I'm not just going to go to the beach and hang out for the rest of my life. There's always a second career that comes along with it and I'm trying to build up towards it and, because I'm playing a sport, psychology links well with it."