Former Blackjacks coach Dave Edwards finds himself in a strange position at this week's Bowls Premier League event in Auckland.

Edwards, who coached the national side for a decade through until last year's World Championships, has moved to Australia over summer but returns as coach of the Queensland side competing in the high-energy format of the sport on Auckland's North Shore.

He finds himself coaching a team against his wife (long-time Blackjacks representative Jo Edwards) as well as other former members of his international side.

"It is tough," Edwards told "I still have a huge amount of time in my heart for the Blackjacks. I will always want to see them be successful.


"It is weird and hard to get my head around but I have to be professional and do my job for the Brisbane side.

"Perhaps they could perform very well against everyone but us."

It was the New Zealand team of Jo Edwards, Shannon McIlroy and Blake Signal that got the gloating rights on Monday's opening clash however as the Kiwis managed to sneak a win in a tie-breaker.

Jo Edwards found it strange hearing her husband cheer on her opponents.

"To be fair it was a little bit weird hearing him cheer the opposition and then when I played a good shot I kind of looked over at him and thought come on pal," she said.

"It is all in good fun. There has been a lot of banter about it but I play for the Blackjacks and he is coaching the Queensland team and that is the way it is.

"We are both trying to do the best for our team."

Jo Edwards conceded that her husband will have a slight advantage having such intricate knowledge of her and her teammates' games.

"It does but most players at this tournament are aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

"He has been with the Blackjacks for 10 years so there are a lot of things he has learned about us that he will be passing on to the Queensland team."

The two sides could meet again in the knockout stage, which starts Wednesday.