What a kerfuffle over Brendon McCullum's captaincy in the Big Bash League.

The former New Zealand skipper has been banned for a game from the Brisbane Heat's campaign for overseeing an unacceptably slow over rate in their game against the Perth Scorchers on Wednesday night.

It was the Heat's second offence this season for not completing their 20 overs in the allotted 90 minutes.

The players were all fined $500 after the Heat opted not to challenge the decision.


It's a simple business. Don't like it when it affects a star player, which McCullum undoubtedly is? Tough.

Change the rules for next season; don't try to squirrel a way for McCullum - or whoever happened to be the relevant captain - to get off the hook.

The premise that the competition is about having the best players on show at all times is understandable.

McCullum does have form for taking his time chatting to bowlers and producing plenty of fielding positional changes.

But here's the rub: if you want your product - awful word but that's what the BBL is - to be quick and slick you can't be making the innings much longer.

Hitting a McCullum in the pocket isn't going to hurt.

So no, doing what officials did was the only option.

Otherwise why have rules?

But then we had Channel 10 commentator Mark Waugh and Australia's coach Darren Lehmann taking a shot at the rulemakers.

"It's ridiculous. We want McCullum playing," Lehmann boomed during a guest stint. "Speed it up, fine them all, if it's that bad, but we want them playing cricket."

Added national selector Waugh: "Exactly, take it out of his pay packet it if's that bad."

The problem is the time to set the rules is before game one of the competition. End of.

There had been some stoppages in that Perth innings, but not enough to get McCullum a loophole. That's the way it goes.

The BBL has been great entertainment.

Even the commentary cheerleaders have been a touch above the highly paid rabble over on Channel 9 and the international cricket.

There is a bloke they just call Howie - broadcaster Mark Howard - who seems the designated deliverer of "that's an unbelievable shot" about every second over, but the rest, Damien Fleming, Adam Gilchrist and co, do a pretty solid job.

There's less jibbering in the commentary box - or maybe just a high quality of jibber from the tiresome Channel 9 mob and their steady stream of in-jokes.

Mind you they wouldn't be a hard bunch to top.