Black Caps bowler Tim Southee made a questionable start to his work on the second day of the first test against Bangladesh, and may draw the attention of the match referee.

Regathering a shot from Bangladesh allrounder Shakib Al Hasan in the second over, Southee wildy threw the ball towards the stumps and struck Shakib on the calf as he turned his back.

Southee's 'attempt' to hit the stumps missed by as much as 2m.

Southee apolgised with a raised hand but Shakib's didn't look impressed as he writhed on the floor.


After a short delay with Shakib on the floor, play carried on.

Here's how Andrew Alderson saw it in the NZ Herald live blog:

"Oafish behaviour from Southee. Bowls to Shakib, ball hit back, Southee throws and hits the batsman in the heel. Ridiculous. The hand goes up in apology, but the damage is done.

"Hopefully Southee can channel his energy back into what he does best. An unusual loss of discipline, but perhaps an indication of the frustrations that Bangladesh are bringing with their barnacle-like batting."