UFC announcer Bruce Buffer has made some shockingly candid comments about two of his employer's female champions.

Buffer described bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes as "Chuck Liddell with a clitoris" and suggested strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk might need a boob job.

It's probably not the words the UFC would like to hear from the voice of the Octagon when discussing the female fighters of the organisation.

Buffer, who famously announces the start of each fight with his catchphrase "it's time", was attempting to praise Nunes for the devastating power that saw the Brazilian destroy Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.


The UFC bantamweight champion effectively ended the career of Rousey, destroying the American in just 48 seconds.

It was highlighted by the type of striking that was the hallmark of former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell's career, but perhaps Buffer could have chosen his words more carefully.

"Amanda Nunes is like Chuck Liddell with a clitoris - or without a penis," said Buffer, during an appearance on The Pony Hour podcast with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe.

"This is a woman who can go backwards and forwards. Who doesn't just hit you in the face, she punches through your head.

"There's a boxer called Lucia Rijker, she's vicious, and Nunes is very much like her. She's probably going to hold that belt for a very long time.

Buffer also arguably overstepped the mark of an employee of the UFC while discussing Jedrzejczyk.

Both Hinchcliffe and Buffer spoke of their admiration for the Polish fighter, but talk soon spread to matters beyond the Octagon.

Hinchcliffe has an open crush on Jedrzejczyk, but Buffer appeared to suggest there was room for improvement.

"I find her very sexy. She's got a great toosh, she's got great legs, (but) no boobies. Do you get her a boob job?" said Buffer, before launching into a discussion of the female form.

"Most small boob girls have great asses. The boobies are the cherry on top of the pie ... I'm in to real.

"Half the boob jobs I've seen are not great outside of the clothes. Do we care? No. We don't kick them out of bed for eating crackers. We're having a great time."

Buffer later spoke in general terms about the increasing number of women getting breast and buttock enhancement surgery.

"I don't mean to sound rude. I will never use the term ugly. You will never hear me use that word. But I'm not in to pounding pelvises, let's put it that way. They are girl's fun to play with, not to stay with," Buffer said.