Fans seeking a refund for the 2017 ASB Classic tournament, after several sessions of play could not go ahead, will get a full refund now instead of 50 per cent.

Tournament director Karl Budge said the previous policy of refunding half of the ticket price was not fair to fans.

He said they had backdated the policy so any person eligible for a refund on their tickets from this tournament will be able to get one.

"We felt that after losing two sessions last week the policy was wrong.


"We just felt it was something we should be doing."

This year tournament-goers experienced wretched weather on the first two days and then scheduling issues on January 4 which led to dissatisfied punters waiting for hours as the "day" session stretched on deep into the night.

Ticket holders may seek a refund if the session was rained out or if there was not an hour of play.

Budge said they would review the policy after the tournament but it was likely they would carry on the new rule to future tournaments. Tickets ranged from $15 to almost $200.

He said they have had positive feedback since the policy change.

"It's nice when you can engage with your fans."


Applications for refunds must be sent to:

Ticketek New Zealand,
PO Box 5440,
Wellesley Street,
Auckland 1140.

Applications for refund must be received no later than 21 days from the session.

Applications must include:

• The original tickets
• Name of the person who originally purchased the ticket/s (not the ticket holder)
• Credit card details of the ticket purchaser