An Aussie Rules coach at the centre of the supplements scandal has reportedly suffered an overdose.

Australian media said that former Essendon coach and player James Hird was rushed to a Melbourne hospital and then transferred to another facility for continuing treatment.

A former Essendon official revealed his concern about Hird late last year and was keeping in touch with him, worried about his mental health,, reported.

The inference is that Hird's life has spiralled downhill since he was given a 12-month ban for overseeing the infamous 2012 supplements program at the club.


Hird had been reported as saying: "As both a former coach and player, I have many conflicting and deep emotions.

"I feel deeply, deeply sorry for the players. I believe the players are innocent. I feel guilt, shame, anger and regret all at once.

"I trusted that the protocol was followed, that when I and others issued further instructions, they were followed.

"That's why if I were to do things differently, it would be to trust less, to ask more questions, and demand more answers."